About Miltracker

Miltracker is a free, open dedicated flight tracker service which focusses exclusively on tracking and showing transmitting military aircraft in real time. Miltracker is a project run by a small team of independent software developers in the U.K. and continental Europe, and is constantly updated to better serve the online aviation and military community.

We pay to use data from ADSBExchange.com’s API -- a community-driven effort providing a rich data source of live ADS-B data tracking live aircraft worldwide. Without this data source and API, Miltracker wouldn't be possible.

That said -- as with any large-scale dataset sourced from a large community, there can be anomalies in the data -- and these anomalies will surface in our tracking map. We can't promise the data is accurate all the time.

Furthermore, because this is a personal project being run by independent software developers in their spare time, we are often experimenting with new features and may encounter a fair number of bugs. Despite this, we always work to fix these bugs as soon as we can, and bugs can be reported by emailing [email protected].

At the moment, we have a website which is free for anyone to use. However, we hope the expand our features, services and platforms in the near future.

A small development roadmap is as follows:

Using our service

Miltracker is a completely free service, meaning that in order to provide our services we have to account for certain costs associated with site maintenance.

The service is purely intended for personal use by military aviation enthusiasts. It does offer any secret or otherwise confidential information; all aircraft displayed on Miltracker are publically transmitting their data.

In order to avoid extra costs associated with high data usage, our map will only update every 90 seconds, although in the future there will be paid options to view the map with a much higher update frequency.

There is no sign-up/account option at this point in time, but there will be once we announce new features. Check this page for more updates in the near future!


Miltracker was created with:

ADS-B Exchange's API: https://rapidapi.com/adsbx/api/adsbexchange-com1/details

OpenStreetMap: https://www.openstreetmap.org/

Leaflet: https://leafletjs.com/

jQuery: https://jquery.com/

Flag icons used in Miltracker are made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

If you need more information, contact [email protected].