Frequently Asked Questions

A website just for tracking military flights? Surely this must be illegal or pose a threat to operational security?

While we are dedicated solely to providing data regarding aircraft flagged as military, we are simply showing current ADS-B data; all aircraft shown are actively transmitting ADS-B data and those that are not are not displayed because we won’t have any data from those aircraft whatsoever. Just like a commercial aircraft can turn it’s transponder off and disappear from radar, military aircraft on sensitive operations or that need to maintain operational security simply won’t transmit, and so we wouldn’t have any data to show anyhow.

Why a whole website just to show this data? Couldn’t I just filter military aircraft on other services?

Miltracker is a new, free website that has only just been released in it’s basic, initial form, and is dedicated solely to showing data for military aircraft, unlike other services which show data for all aircraft in the air initially. At this point in time, yes, there’s no major difference from other services where one could just filter out everything else and only see military aircraft. However, we are always working to refine our service, and hope to add unique features in the near future that allow users to interact with our military-specific service in more meaningful and interesting ways, so stay tuned to see what’s new!

There are bugs on the website - why haven’t they been fixed? What can I do?

Miltracker was created and is maintained by a small group of independent software developers in their spare time, and as a result development and bug fixes may not always be quickly developed and implemented. We listen to our users whenever they reach out to us with bug reports and look actively to solve each one as soon as possible, so if a bug is reported, please watch out for a fix and stay up to date on our Release Notes page.

If you have a bug you would like to report, please go check the development updates page to see if it has already been reported, and if not, fill out the form at the bottom of the page with details of the bug/abnormal behaviour. We are happy to receive each and every bug report because it helps us make our service even better and more enjoyable for our users, so thank you in advance for anything abnormal you spot and report!

Why are the update intervals so long? 90 seconds makes things seem a bit slow.

We are not using our own data. Currently, we are paying for use of ADS-B exchange’s API, and as a result, shorter update intervals results in a higher number of calls, which adds to our site maintenance costs. Considering we have no source of revenue and would like to keep this service open and free for all to use, we have to limit the update rate to it’s current settings, although we hope to have options for shorter update intervals somewhere in our future development roadmap!

If you need more information, contact [email protected].